This project is a reflexive work, one inspired by the intersection of trees, tombstones, and the digital. Arlington National Cemetery represents the interplay of poetic juxtapositions: trees grow where loved ones are laid to rest; tombstones recall memories, with the sad reminder that new ones cannot be made; and we come face to face with limitations, in a world intent on diminishing them. Even eliminating them. Earth and its resources are finite. As climate change continues unabated, sea levels will increase scarcity on an already precious resource: land.

My research involves trees, terrorism, and space. There are three trees dedicated to those whose lives were lost to acts of terrorism. I aim to discover the number of lives these trees represent. Arlington National Cemetery is in the process of expanding its grounds to accommodate more servicemen and women who paid the ultimate price. I ask, is this ethical?  Considering the idea already exists to honor the memory of loved ones through the life of a tree, is an expansion necessary?

The following pages provide an estimate of the number of lives lost to terrorism, along with its international impact. A comparison of war and terrorism is also considered. The project ends with a discussion on the purpose of memorials. To navigate, proceed by clicking on the tabs above from left to right.