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The Ballad of Trump and McConnell

Trump’s whispers are heard in the atmosphere, hovering over the populace like clouds that threaten destructive floods to come. Someone reports seeing a blue bird, which has by now become the omen that foretells an inauspicious day. Another blue bird is reported, then another. The people have learned to let the flying beasts come, lest they risk attracting their attention and having the roofs of their houses collapse from the weight of the things. After a time, it becomes clear that Trump’s aviary, gold-plated and obtuse, no longer holds life, and instead hangs empty, extravagant, and dumb.

The blue birds perch on fire hydrants, stoplights, and cars. Their feathers are of such a brilliant blue as to appear celestial—somehow, they glow. The people can’t help but look at them, slack-jawed and mesmerized, in wonder of how creatures so strange could be seen every day and still look so new. But the people are careful around the blue birds, for the birds are eager to return to their aviary and feed their holder Trump with the bread crumbs gathered from the day. Added to the normal cacophony of the day are the blue birds’ cries: “McConnell! McConnell!”

“Oh, boy,” McConnell sighs. Continue reading The Ballad of Trump and McConnell

Untouchable Trump

Some people just want to watch the world burn. Donald Trump is not one of those people. I sincerely believe that he sincerely believes he can help this country. I sincerely believe that his supporters sincerely believe Trump can help this country. If you wanted to understand what goes on in the minds of his supporters, watch a few hours of the Republican National Convention. Disclaimer: I only watched Day Three of the convention, but I’ll hazard a guess and say that any of the four days will tell you all you need to know about the Republicans—not just about Trump supporters. Continue reading Untouchable Trump

On The Liberal World Order (Part 2)

Thus far, even a cursory glance at any of the Republican debates is enough to show the complete lack of thought, consideration, or care given to statements of foreign policy, particularly toward ISIS. Simplistic statements that were once limited to frontrunner Donald Trump have pervaded the debates, becoming the norm among even the most “intelligent” candidates, an adjective exclusively reserved for Ted Cruz. Rather than challenge Trump on specifics regarding anything he has said, particularly his most demonizing policies—from rounding up all job-stealing immigrants, to indiscriminately barring all Muslims entry into the United States—the “smartest” candidate has chosen, instead, to outdo Trump’s statements, with dangerously militaristic and vague statements that garner the same amount of cheer and enthusiasm as the frontrunner. Continue reading On The Liberal World Order (Part 2)

The Stream of Stupidity

The stream of consciousness is a psychological and literary term used to describe the continuous flow of thoughts and reactions of an individual or character. Stream of consciousness writing freely combines tenses, resulting in a window of uninterrupted exposure that allows for the mention of mundane details, with the goal of detailing thought-processes. A stream of stupidity, then, is the continuous flow of absurdity in the form of diatribes and press conferences, belittling discourse and impressionable catch-phrases. For an example of the stream of stupidity in action, you need look no further than our current crop of Republican candidates. And you needn’t look for very long. Continue reading The Stream of Stupidity