On The Destruction of Illusion

The Players

For trust to exist, doubt must always be maintained at a reasonable distance. Suspicion arises only when doubt makes its existence known, not through a sighting of some sort, but through hushed tones carried by the wind. The breakdown of trust follows when the hushed tones increase to the level of careless whisper and eventual audible clarity. For society to survive, a certain level of trust must be believed to be real. Suspicion, being a result of encroaching doubt, does not by itself chip away at society’s trust. In some respects, suspicion strengthens society and can be considered a byproduct of an informed populace, one in tune with the fallibility of man and his creations. In other respects, however, suspicion plays into man’s fears and speaks to him like the voices that sing to schizophrenics, endlessly warning him about false realities stemming from false outcomes. Continue reading On The Destruction of Illusion