The Stream of Stupidity

The stream of consciousness is a psychological and literary term used to describe the continuous flow of thoughts and reactions of an individual or character. Stream of consciousness writing freely combines tenses, resulting in a window of uninterrupted exposure that allows for the mention of mundane details, with the goal of detailing thought-processes. A stream of stupidity, then, is the continuous flow of absurdity in the form of diatribes and press conferences, belittling discourse and impressionable catch-phrases. For an example of the stream of stupidity in action, you need look no further than our current crop of Republican candidates. And you needn’t look for very long. Continue reading The Stream of Stupidity

Why I Like Trump

I like Trump. He’s doing something really good for this country. The man is brave, outspoken, exactly what the United States of America needs after so many years of tip-toeing around “sensitive” topics discussed in “politically correct” language. Trump has a problem with immigrants. He has a problem with Mexico. He has a problem with China. He has a problem with America losing its jobs. And, as polls indicate, a plurality of Republican voters share Trump’s concerns. He has emerged, and remains, as the leading Republican front runner, riding his self-created wave of powerful rhetoric and unapologetic rigidity, which supporters praise for “telling it like it is.” Continue reading Why I Like Trump